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Okay. Here we go! You have two objectives to meet before our next meeting. First, you should read the section on public speaking because we will be giving our speeches on our next meeting.

Your other objective for the week is to read over the skill package and make a decision as to which skill you'll be working on. Once you decide you'll also need to do the first learning plan. After you read over the skill package, do the first learning plan and bring it to class with you for our second meeting.

You will be e-mailing your major assignments to me (listening, gender, nonverbal, communication theory, assertiveness, and intrapersonal communication), by using the online forms that go with each of the assignments. The skill package does not need to be sent via e-mail. The entire skill package needs to be printed out and brought to class (see that section of the course for details). It's also a good idea to save and print out all of the activities you do in this course for backup in case something is lost in cyberspace.

The activities other than the skill package, have to be complete by the last day of class.

Good luck! If you have any questions, e-mail Mark Frey at mfreyccc@gmail.com or Sherry Diestler at sherry.diestler@gmail.com Mark Frey's office hours: Mark and Sherry will be at the school in either the classroom or Sherry's office in AA 113 at 5 before class starts.

Sherry's Phone Number 510 215-3885.

Mark's Phone Number 510 917-4955.