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About The Course

This is the online version of Speech 128 offered at Contra Costa College.

Course Description

This class explores the nature of human communication. Although this class is a speech class, its focus is on one-on-one interaction rather than public speaking. The course examines why we communicate and how the process of communication often goes astray. Topics in the class include: listening, nonverbal communication, gender issues, relationships, assertiveness, self expression, and intrapersonal communication. The class is conducted via the Internet, and has three mandatory meetings: May 27, June 3, and a final meeting on June 24th.

The class centers around a key project called the skill package: a series of activities based on a chosen interpersonal skill.

Meeting dates and location

The class meets in AA 113 from 6:10 to 9:00.

May 27--introduction to the course

June 3--self expression through the war story speech

June 24 --final presentations on skill packages.

You must attend all three meetings to take this online class.

Grading Policy Attendance for all three meetings is mandatory. The grade for the course will be based on the following: