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skill package

List of skills

Learning Plans

Answer sheet for first activity

How to do the skill package

The first step is to choose a skill from the list of skills. Pick one that you really feel would be beneficial for you to improve. The choice is totally up to you, but you should pick one you want to work on for the whole course. The idea is to improve one skill throughout the duration of the course.

Once you have a skill in mind, you need to look over the learning plans. You will need to do one activity from each of the learning plan activities. You will then have a total of 7 activities. The basic requirement is that each activity must be at least one full double spaced page (approximately 250 words).

Your first activity will need to be sent to us by the second class meeting using the form in this link:( Answer sheet for first activity)

Be sure you have met the word length requirement. After you send this through the website, print it out and bring in a copy to the second meeting.The rest of your activities will need to be finished and assembled and brought to school by Tuesday, June 17th (drop off in Sherrys' office- AA 113). If you can't make it that Tuesday night, you may drop it off in either Sherry's mailbox in the speech office located on the bottom floor of the LA building. This is a FIRM DEADLINE!

What should the skill package look like when complete?