Creating a Walk Cycle sample

This is the basic walk cycle. Notice that you have 8 images. Notice how the arm swings back and forth depending on which foot is forward.
    1. Draw or trace the first of the 8 images in Adobe Animate.

    2. Convert it to a graphic symbol. To maintain some consistency, I duplicated my original graphic symbol in the library and then made copy and paste/rotate alterations for each duplication. This saved me from having to redraw his head and body each time.

    3. Make all eight graphic symbols.

    4. Create a new movieclip symbol.

    Insert blank keyframes and place the graphic symbols in them. Use onion skinning to help you arrange the symbols.

    5. Clear your stage and then drag the new movieclip symbol onto it.

    6. Test your movie to make sure it works.

    6. Create a new layer and place it below the current one.

    7. Create a background for your walker.