Tracing in Flash

In this project, we will learn to trace images in Flash.

1. Start a new Flash Project. Actionscript 3.0.

2. Find a picture you would like to trace and drag it to the center stage of your Flash project.

3. Lock the layer.

4. Add a new layer. Click on Insert > Timeline > Layer.

5. Trace the image using the brush tool.

6. Colorize your image using the paint bucket tool.

7. Occasionally, hide the original picture by clicking on the eyeball button so you can see how your drawing looks.

8. When you are done, select your drawing with the selection tool. Click on Modify >Convert to Symbol > Graphic.

9. Be sure to save your project.

10. To make your next tracing, just click INSERT > NEW SYMBOL and make sure to select GRAPHIC. You will see a new timeline appear. You are still inside the same project. Each symbol has its own timeline.

11. Create a collection of five different tracings. One of them needs to be a picture of YOU.

Here is a video of how to do this project

This is an example of a before and after, with the images laid side by side.

a couple of Frey's students