The Animated Sprite

Your first step is to create new Adobe Animate File. Then follow these steps:

1. Find a sprite sheet using Google search. Copy it to the desktop and then drag it onto your scene.

2. Select it. Click MODIFY > BREAK APART.

3.Use the Lasso tool to select the first image. Drag it out of the way.

4. Use the Eraser Tool to clean up the image.

5. Select the image and convert it to a graphic symbol. MODIFY > CONVERT TO SYMBOL > GRAPHIC.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each image in the sprite sheet.

7. Create a new MOVIECLIP symbol.

8. Create as many blank keyframes as you need (one per image).

9.Turn on Onion skinning.

10. In your movie clip symbol, pace one graphic symbol per frame. This is just what you did in the last two projects.

11. Go back to scene one and delete the images there.

12. Drag your movie clip symbol onto the stage and test it.

Video For How to make the Animated Sprite

Adding Code for Keyboard Control

1. Select your Movieclip on the stage.


3.Open the folder named ACTIONSCRIPT.

4. Open the folder named ANIMATION.

5.DOUBLE-CLICK the first choice: Move With Keyboard Arrows.

6. You will see a window pop up that says you need a name. Just click OK.

7. A window full of code will pop up. Just close the window.

8. The code is now in place. Test your movie.

Video For How to Add the Code

Student Example: