The Short Silent Film Project

Now it's time to make your first film! Here are the guidelines:

1.This is silent film. You may have your characters speak, but you will not be able to record their dialogue.

2.The film needs to have some sort of plot. Tell us a story (not a brawl).

3. The film needs to be shot somewhere on campus.

4.Before you shoot, you must type up a basic description of your story with storyboards , and get it approved by me.

5.It should be at least a minute, but no more than three minutes in length.

6.You need to include titles, credits and a movie poster. You may use titles to convey information to the audience when needed.

7.You need to include some kind of instrumental music and any sound effects you desire.

8.You may work in a group with a maximum size of five members.

9. After shooting, you will edit the film using Adobe Premier.

Here are some examples from previous years:

Student Silent Film Examples

More examples of Student Silent Films

Some Classic Silent Films:

Battleship Potemkin
Charlie Chaplin: The Mirror Maze

Metropolis: The Trailer
Metropolis: The Movie

a couple of Frey's students