Making a Music Video in Adobe Premier Using Motion Graphics

In this project, we will choose a song and make a music video for it using images combined with motion.

This video shows you how to do a basic motion in Premier.

Here's the basic step-by-step:

1. Find the song that you would like to use. You can use any song that you like or you can make your own song in Garage Band.

2. Copy the song file into a new folder on your desktop.

3. Start a new Adobe Premier project. Make sure it is saved in the same folder.

4. Start collecting the images that you wish to use in your music video. Put them in the same folder. They can't be just random images. They need to tell some sort of story to match your song. Note: You can also use video clips and Animated GiFs. Just don't take an existing music video.

5. Import the images into your Premier project.

6. Start laying out the images in the timeline.

7. Apply a combination of Motion Animations to the images. Particularly move the image from left to right, up and down. Use the Scale feature to zoom in and out. Above all, use Motion to enhance the story your video is telling!

8. When you are done, add credits. Be sure to credit the song.

9. Export as an H.264 to your desktop and upload to the Google Classroom.

Applying Motion to a Graphic.