Editing Video clips in Adobe Premier

Here's some basic video tutorials I made to get you up and running with Adobe Premier. It's similar to Final Cut Pro, but does have some differences. A few basic things to remember:

1. When you start a new project, always make a new folder on your desktop. Give it a name.

2. Start a new Adobe Premier project. We are using Adobe Premier 22 2015. Name it and save it in the same folder as your pictures.

4. Import all your clips, photos, and sounds into your project.

5. Use IN and OUT points to select sections of clips. Use the comma key to insert your sections into the timeline.

6. When you export, Go to FILE > EXPORT > MEDIA. Don't export it as a Quicktime File. Use H.264 as the format. You will see the name of your file in Blue letters. You can click on that to change the name of your exported file and to make sure it's exporting to the desktop or wherever you want to export it.

Here are videos that show how to use the layout to do basic editing.

Part 1 of Editing Clips

Part 2 of Editing Clips

Editing sound in Premier is a little different. Here are some videos on how to do that:

Working with Sound in Adobe Premier

Working with Volume Levels

Keyframing Volume

Deleting audio and Reversing Video Clips