The First Photoshop Project: Amazing Creatures

There goal of this project is to help you begin learn to use Adobe Photoshop CC to the point where you can create a portfolio.

Project Description

Create a creature that doesn't actually exist by combining high quality images from the Internet. For example, you might place an elephant head on a horse. Use the lasso and eraser tools to blend the images together. We will have a quick showing at the end of class.

Once you are satisfied with your creature, create two additional files and perform other examples of what we might call "digital surgery" in which you mix and match parts from pictures to create something new and original.

Work with these files until you really feel that they are your best work. These pictures will potentially be used in your final Photoshop portfolio.

I have made two video demonstrations that show you exactly how to do this project:

Starting Photoshop Part 1

Starting Photoshop Part 2