Moving Pictures: Pre-Production

-For your first assignment you will plan, shoot and edit a short film made of only still images. You will be working in self-formed groups and need to create your movie that will be at least 1 minute, but no more than 3 minutes long. Each film will start with either of the following premises:

1) The subject is at school and is late or is lost on campus.

2) The subject is at school and there is no one around: at first or ever- you decide.

The initial components of telling a story are given to you. You have the setting: The School You have a conflict/problem: Late or lost / No one around

Your team needs to come up with the rest of the story - with a resolution. *If you don't understand, ask for an example*

Coming up with a resolution would be completing the story that has been set up for your team. This is the first bits of "Screenwriting" that you will do for this class. As it is a group project, you're all writing the screenplay for your first film.

Writing out the actions that happen in your movie will help you determine the images you need to create the film. This kind of planning is all part of the pre-production process in the visual storytelling medium.

-When your group has the story of their film completed, you will then need to write out a "Shot List", or a list of the still photos you need to take to tell your story. Once you have the shot list completed, bring it to either teacher for approval you are ready to film.

Save your project in one particular folder in the Digital Film Desktop.

Starting Out With Final Cut Pro

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