Using Keyframes and Layers in Flash

In this project, we use both keyframes and blank keyframes Flash.

1. Start a new Flash Project. Actionscript 3.0.

2. Draw a background image in the lower part of your stage in Frame 1.

3. Click down the timeline in frame 25.

4. Click on Insert > Timeline > Keyframe.

5. Rewind your movie back to Frame 1 by dragging the red box above frame 25.

6. Insert > Timeline > Layer.

7. Draw something else that will occupy the top part of the stage: clouds, the sun, something like that.

8. Insert > Timeline > Keyframe.

9. Repeat the above steps creating two more background images that are keyframed out to 25 frames.

10. Add a final layer and place BLANK keyframes in it.

11. Create animation in this new layer.

Using Keyframes and Layers

a couple of Frey's students