Frame by Frame Animation Using Flash

Frame by frame animation is the most basic type of animation. It's easy to start. If you know how to draw already, that's a real plus. Even if you don't know how to draw, you can still animate stick figures or even photos.Start by opening up Flash (we are using Adobe Flash CC 2015). Click on the first choice, create new Flash File. Chose Actionscribpt 3.0.

1. Use the Brush tool to draw a line.

2. Click on the top menu item, Insert > Timeline > Blank Keyframe.

3. You may create as many blank keyframes as you might need to start by holding down the Apple key and tapping Y.

4. Turn on "onion skinning."

5. Draw slightly different versions of your line in each blank keyframe. Keep this up from frame to frame until you are done.

6. Periodically, check how it looks by clicking on Control > Test movie (or Apple > Enter).

There you have it. That's the basis of how to start frame by frame animation.

First Flash Project

Create at least three 50 frame (at least) animations. You could tell a story or illustrate a process such as a plant growing, a car driving. Remember that the more frames you use and the more gradually you alter each frame, the more realistic the animation will look.


Frame by Frame Animation in Flash CC

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