Communication Theory Assignment

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(1) One of the best ways to understand a new idea is to compare it to ideas we already understand. If you were born on a remote island away from civilization and then one day you saw a plane fly overhead, what would you do? Most likely you'd compare it to a bird. You would probably even talk about the plane using the vocabulary you know that describes birds. You might say it had silver feathers.

Thinking about one thing in terms of another category is called "metaphoric thinking." A metaphor is when we use a word to describe something that doesn't literally describe it. For example when we say, "Joe is a wolf." For this assignment, make up ten metaphors for the process of communication. You can also use similies. It might help to write out, "communication is like______ because_____________." Example: Communication is like playing ping-pong because ideas are constantly bouncing back and forth. Make sure you don't skip the step of explaining why each metaphor is true. Use the space to your right to write your responses.
(2) In the lecture, the concept of the complexity of communication was discussed. Come up with an example of your own that illustrates this idea. Specifically, explain how messages flow simultaneously in two directions. You may use an example from real life or from a movie or TV show.
(3) In the lecture, we examined the idea that meaning depends not only on what is said (the content), but on the relationship between the two communicators. Explain what you think this means and come up with an example that illustrates it. You may use an example from real life or from a movie or TV show.